The International Summer School on Concepts and tools to engage in knowledge co-production and public participation is a 5-day interactive training course designed and organized by a small international team of experts – researchers and practitioners of participatory approaches. The training is based on “learning by doing” principle that makes it possible for the participants to test what they learn on-the-spot and get immediate feedback. Our international participants co-construct their own training, contributing with unique content (their own case studies) and their personal styles and personalities.

The training is meant for people (students, researchers, consultants, public sector employees) interested in developing or improving knowledge and skills in participatory methods to engage stakeholders in knowledge co-production through public participation.

The language of the course is English.

The objectives of the International Summer School:

  • Improve the understanding of the challenges related to stakeholder involvement in knowledge co-production and public participation processes
  • Deliver a generic frame for planning and facilitating sound processes
  • Teach innovative, participatory methods and tools useful for addressing complex issues in diverse, multi-level stakeholder settings
  • Develop reflexive capacities for continuous process improvement
  • Improve skills for transdisciplinary research and intervention

After completing the course participants will:

  • Obtain theoretical and practical knowledge on co-production and public participation processes, methods and tools
  • Gain competencies in conducting  transdisciplinary research and intervention processes by examining the context, planning and facilitating the process and critically evaluating the outcomes
  • Be able to identify the most adequate participatory tools and implement them in their own project