Lisbon 2015

The first edition of our Summer School took place in 2015 in Lisbon.

“I participated in the first edition of summer school: Concepts and tools to engage in knowledge co-production and public participation and I has to admit that it was  probably the greatest week of my academic education (be sure that it is not an exaggeration :). Each day was carefully planned, all materials was creatively designed and nice looking, each exercise was learning by doing oriented and great fun at the same time. We’ve learnt how to identify and solve problems during facilitation, how to organize participatory process,  how to conduct stakeholder analysis and how to evaluate meetings. Moreover energizers after lunch time give us strong kick of power until night (Mathieu will show you). Oh… and by the way Lisbon is just marvelous!!!”

Krzysztof Maczka, Institute of Sociology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan – POLAND,

“In July 2015 I spent a week in Lisbon studying with the “Concepts, methods and tools to engage in participatory research and governance” Summer School. I thank the Summer School instructors for preparing me so well for my fieldwork and I am grateful for the friendships and professional connections I made during my time with the team.”

Rebecca Farnum is a 2012 EPA Marshall Scholar at King’s College London – USA

“I was part of the 1st edition of this summer school and it was great. I was able to review the principals of this kind of approaches, learn new methodologies while constantly reflecting on its benefits, limitation and society roles. Yet, the “cherry on top” was the relax atmosphere created by both the trainers and my colleagues. There was a lot of fun moments and teamwork which made learning easy and inspirational. Currently I am the coordinating a long term participatory project called “Tertúlias do Montado“. The focus is the sustainability of a land use system of high nature value in the Alentejo (Portugal) – the Montado. Here a video :”

Maria Helena Guimarães – Post doctorate researcher at ICAAM- University of Évora – Portugal