Montpellier 2016

The 2016 Summer School took place in the beautiful city of Montpellier from June 27 to July 1st, in the site of Agropolis International.

We had 13 participants from 9 countries and 3 continents and 5 trainers from 4 countries. We worked on three different real-life case studies from Scotland, Cambodia and Morocco.

“Personally I had an amazing time as there was a great atmosphere the whole week due to the excellent mix of very inspiring people from many different disciplinary backgrounds (academics and practitioners). The summer school was hold in a lively, interactive mode and very well structured. So you practice a lot of the methods which you get to know closer. The team is highly competent and integrates the experience of the participants very well. I got to know many different kinds of participatory approaches and facilitation settings and can make use of them in my daily work at the university (e.g. workshop planning and hosting, inter- and transdisciplinary teaching sessions) but also used the experience I gained in publications. I can highly recommend this summer school to everyone working with people. It is a great learning space to get more confident to used and apply participatory approaches in practice.”

Petra Biberhofer – Department of Socioeconomics, Institute for Ecological Economics; Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development, Vienna University of Economics and Business/RCE Vienna – Austria

“The course was fantastic! it was a total learning by doing. It was fun, interactive and very productive! We could also benefit from the experiences of the other colleagues from different countries and backgrounds enriching and increasing our knowledge . In addition we got the opportunity to work and learn from real problems and then think in real solutions that were helpful to everybody!! I really would like to last this course for longer and if there is a third  edition of it I wish I can attend it!!”

Flor Rivera Lopez  – PHd Student – Mexico